Quiet Storm

Einar and Thorfinn come to terms about their differences in their pasts.


Tags: Vinland Saga, Einar x Thorfinn

SINE ALIS VOLARE [Without Wings]

With the secrets of the demon gates unfolding in Fortuna city, Credo decides upon the road of no return to protect Nero's future. M/M focused; CredoxNero, CredoxDante


Tags: Devil May Cry, Credo x Nero, Dante x Credo, Sanctus, Agnus


While Yuugi and the gang are on the beachy shores of Okinawa, sparks fly unexpectedly on this heated all-boy's trip. M/M focused; YamixYugi, SetoxJou

[Chapter 1]

Tags: Yu-Gi-Oh!, Seto x Jounouchi, Yami x Yugi

Unbroken Will

In the midst of the unexplainable chaos Haruhi is at the center of, Kyon fights to unravel this conundrum with Koizumi's help. Will Haruhi change their world before they can?


Tags: Haruhi Suzumiya, Koizumi x Kyon