Author’s Note

A/N: As I kept watching the show, more ideas kept springing up in my mind about the potential of what kind of story I wanted to make about these men. In my head canon Einar is working hard for a future with Thorfinn in it. He practically chases after him like a male wife in the show. I need my catharsis, so maybe chapters that lead to something unspeakably hot might be on the table and I am leading with Thorfinn is a masochist who needs his demons exorcised by Einar’s fat cock. lol Enjoy.

“Can you believe it? Look how much we’ve achieved in three years!” Einar exclaimed as he spread his arms, the forest cleared on their side of the river Ketil had loaned them. Thorfinn sighed as he dropped his axe, his hands on his knees. The shorter man reached for his tunic on the ground cast aside to wipe the sweat from his face.

“It is amazing, Einar. You’re right.” Thorfinn said slowly as he wiped his brow again as he tried to catch his breath. It was sweltering hot out this summer, but Einar hadn’t felt more alive. They were that much closer to freedom. He could taste it.

Einar sat on a nearby stump as he reached for a ladle in the bucket of water beside him. Einar took a big sip, sighing aloud. As he reached for another scoop, Thorfinn came into his view to snatch the ladle away from Einar, watching with mouth agape as he greedily drank its contents. The shorter blond had a way of staring into his soul that made Einar’s heart thump, and he hated it. He hated how scatter-brained he became whenever Thorfinn was near him.

Einar found himself asking odd questions. What did he find so desirable about a man? When Einar really thought about it, there was nothing in particular about Thorfinn that he could say that was strikingly attractive. So, what was it?

Einar stared at the top of Thorfinn’s head as they trudged through the fields that led to the former Master’s home. It was customary to check on him due to his declining health. Both he and Thorfinn, and the slave maid Hild were tasked by Hebi to keep a close eye on the stubborn old goat ever since he was found collapsed in one of the fields.

“Hey, Thorfinn…” Einar muttered as they made their way to the house. Thorfinn looked back at the taller man, attentive to his every word as they stopped.

“What’s wrong, Einar?” Thorfinn stepped in closer, the wind picking up all of a sudden. The trees rustled in a way that seemed to slow time down around them. Thorfinn wiped at loose, blond locks spilling across his forehead and eyes, looking up at the older man. It hit Einar then. There was nothing more ethereal, more fragile but stronger in existence, nothing that could compare to the complexity of whatever Thorfinn, son of Thor, was. If beauty was in the words a person said or the kindness in their eyes, the scars that litter body and soul… then Thorfinn was the most beautiful thing he’d ever laid his eyes on.

Einar found himself unable to speak, which was strange of him when he was always the one to start conversations and chat up a storm, even at his most nervous. He could be in the dark about how he was feeling now and forever, or he could find out what this was happening between them. Einar wasn’t one for mincing words or wasting time.

“What we did…” Einar began, remembered vividly sharing a kiss, focusing on the details of their lips touching. Einar had been surprised at the softness of them, or how Thorfinn gave into his advances and melted in his arms. Nothing happened beyond that, and at the time Einar thought they had both lost their minds.

It didn’t stop the feeling of how right it felt to do. Thorfinn hadn’t mentioned it since, and for a while it bothered Einar if that was ok to do.

“The nightmares?” Thorfinn tilted his head, clueless.

“No, not that!” Einar sucked his teeth, throwing his hands up in the air as his cheeks colored. Why was this so difficult to convey? “The kissing. You know.” He made some sort of gesture with his hands that only sent Thorfinn’s eyes following his hands without much thought. Einar felt like he was losing the moment to convey things clearly by the second.

“Oh.” They both stared at each other, the sounds of crows cawing loudly in the background.

“This is the part where you say something?” Einar rubbed his forehead, and Thorfinn brought the axe down from his shoulder. “Are you asking me this because you feel uncomfortable?”

Einar stiffened a bit. He hadn’t counted on Thorfinn being this direct, either. It was silly to make a stink of things when he clearly initiated the kiss in a lapse of judgment. Thorfinn needed something and in the moment, Einar had given them both something to feel alive.

“I wondered if it was the wrong thing to do… you were in distress and I took advantage of that.” Einar kicked a rock off the pebbled path into lush grass. “I wasn’t honorable at all, Thorfinn—” He turned to look at Thorfinn’s widened stare, his cheeks red. Einar had never seen him this way, wondering if he’d truly offended him.

“You worried this much over a kiss? Einar…” Thorfinn reached up to grab the redhead’s neck to bring him down to his level, kissing him. “If you were curious to kiss me, alk you had to do was ask.” Thorfinn whispered in what Einar suspected was a teasing tone coming from the shorter man. It seemed there were many facets about this man Einar he had yet to know. He’d never known Thorfinn to be a humorous man, but it suddenly made him feel at ease.

Einar trailed after the retired warrior like a puppy unable to hide his eagerness, babbling on about their plans to leave this place and the things they would achieve, knowing at any moment the stars would fall should the gods find fault in them, their luck ending with them. Every day they were reminded of their status as slaves, but it never broke their minds. For that, Einar was thankful.

However, one fateful day this would all come to a halt. Einar had felt it in the pit of his stomach for a while as jealous eyes watched them toil the fields year after year. The proof of his suspicions were confirmed upon eyeing the destruction of their prominent wheat fields one day as Einar and Thorfinn looked out at their wheat fields, completely destroyed. It took them so much time to toil the toughest areas of the land to plant seeds, and they were just out of time to make it to harvest.

Einar was furious, dare he say far more than the day he foolishly attempted to harm Thorfinn all those years ago. Thorfinn could see Einar unraveling, reaching for Einar’s shoulder to speak some sense into him.

“Einar please, if you do anything they will only make life harder for you.”

“I don’t give a damn what these people think!” Einar shook off Thorfinn’s hand from his shoulder with a rage he could barely contain. He felt murderous and knew who the culprits were. He could bet the crown on it.

“You truly are a good man, Thorfinn.” Einar said darkly, clouds rolling in as it darkened the sky. “They won’t get away with this.”

Einar sped down the path in hopes of running across the group of stable hands that seemed to shadow their every move. Today, however, they were nowhere to be seen which raised Einar’s suspicion. He would not hear Thorfinn’s breathless pleas to stop this madness trailing behind him, and Einar was sick of his pacifist nonsense today. In Thorfinn’s mind the way of the world would never change, but Einar thought differently. In his mind he was still as free as the rolling hills of England he was born in, and no man would break his spirit.

Einar was no one’s chattel, not in this life or the next.

With luck his eyes landed on the posse of stable hands making their way up the hill, carrying on and laughing about something. Einar was sure what about. “YOU!” Einar bellowed across the field; his hands balled in a fist as he ignored Thorfinn’s final warning.

“It was you lot who ruined our wheat fields, wasn’t it!”

The shorter stout one began to laugh. As usual, their cruelty was palpable and unforgiving as ever, and devoid of empathy. Einar would pity them if he didn’t hate them so much. Einar found himself visibly disgusted by their desperate need to cling to their superiority complex. Today, though, he would have his reckoning. Master Ketil be damned.

Einar’s plan unfortunately did not go according to plan, and it ended in both Einar and Thorfinn being jumped while defending themselves. There was nothing fair about the fight, and hours after the ordeal he would be forced to hear Hild scolding him for the tenth time about what it means to be a slave.

Einar was sick of hearing it. The world, as he was coming to terms with finding out, terrified him. There seemed to be no end to this darkness. All Einar wanted to do was lash out. He so desperately wanted out, and nothing was going his way. Was it time to accept his fate? Was this how his life would be forever?

When Einar found himself back at the barn after nursing sore ribs, he found Thorfinn fast asleep. He was bruised badly, but in the end, he always slept like a baby. He wondered if he would be visited by his ghosts tonight and sat up in his corner of the shed with a soft groan. He would get no sleep either way, so he opted to look at the stars and wondered what realities spanned beyond them.

It wasn’t long until he heard Thorfinn’s body squirming in the hay, watching on as the man fought dark principalities that seemed to hold him hostage every night. Like clockwork, Einar stood up and sat by the younger man’s side. It was a delicate thing not to wake him, as it had mixed results if Thorfinn was woken up. Einar carefully grabbed Thorfinn’s arms to lock them on both sides of his chest, spooning into him from behind.

“I’m here,” He whispered softly. Thorfinn wailed and kicked, but Einar was as strong as a pillar, unyielding as he easily held the young man in his arms until Thorfinn went limp, exhausted. He sobbed when he lost consciousness, turning to bury his face into Einar’s hairy chest. The pain radiating down his ribs was nothing compared to Thorfinn’s pain, he was sure.

He whispered things into Thorfinn’s ear that only he could hear, the words calming him as Thorfinn held on tight. “The demons will not get you tonight.” Einar would say in comfort, and it always seemed to do the trick but tonight Thorfinn seemed to need more.

“Einar, please…” Thorfinn whispered into the intimate space between their faces, that needy tone activating something that pooled deep into his belly and cock as Thorfinn kissed him. It started out slow, tongues seeking, their bodies pressed together as they shared a hot kiss in the hay. Einar found himself rolling on top of Thorfinn, cradled between his thighs.

“Einar…” Thorfinn whimpered as Einar’s large hands found Thorfinn’s wrists, forcing them above his head. Thorfinn winced in pain, and Einar paused in fear that he would hurt him. He had done so many stupid things that risked their lives as of late.

“It’s ok, keep going…” The blond arched invitingly into the older man, their groins meeting. He could feel Thorfinn’s cock rising in sexual interest, and at that moment Einar knew he would always want more of this. Thorfinn brought something illicit out of him, weathered hands tracing scars that littered Thorfinn’s wrists and arms, mapping out each imperfect flaw on his skin.

“Have you ever laid with a man?” Thorfinn huffed as Einar began yanking off his own trousers, his cock bouncing as he kicked them away from him as if offended by the article of clothing. Thorfinn eyed Einar’s cock with an intensity he’d never seen before, suddenly feeling self-conscious about it.

“No. You?”

“Yes.” Thorfinn said slowly, swallowing. “Sometimes when soldiers were in the mood, they…” Thorfinn stopped his sentence, swallowing again. Einar shook his head, lying Thorfinn back. “You don’t have to explain…” Einar leaned down to kiss him again, sliding Thorfinn’s trousers off. The young man gasped as ankles met the air, Einar spreading his legs to take a good look at his prize.

Einar studied every scar and committed them to memory, noting the way Thorfinn’s toned stomached tightened, the dip of his hip bones, soft golden hair that nestled his already leaky cock and full balls. It did strange things to Einar to see another man’s cock up in excitement to his touch, those moans bringing his cock to life in an instant.

Einar instinctively did what he naturally would do, spreading Thorfinn’s knees back as he inspected that cock, watching it twitch in anticipation. He could hear Thorfinn’s voice catch as he curiously licked and sucked the tip of his foreskin. He liked the taste of him, Einar discovered.

The desperately horny look in Thorfinn’s eyes made Einar want to mount him like an animal and pound him down to dust, but Einar knew better. He would not be like any of the men who took advantage of Thorfinn.

He would take him as a lover would.

Thorfinn’s knees buckled as Einar’s bearded mouth swirled circles against Thorfinn’s perineum before he was mouth to ass. Thorfinn tucked his knees back in pleasure, a whimper of unabated lust escaping the blond as Einar’s wandering hand found a nipple to twist and tease; the sounds of Thorfinn’s pleasure music to his ears.

Thorfinn bucked forward as Einar’s tongue began to slip inside soft, puckered flesh, lifting those hips to push those knees back as he sucked him shamelessly from taint to tailbone. Thorfinn babbled something unrecognizable in another language as he shuddered violently before coming thick ropes across his chest and chin.

Einar spit into his hand to coat his cock before reaching over Thorfinn. “Keep going?” He huffed softly, his aching sex rubbing into Thorfinn’s belly.

Thorfinn turned on his stomach, putting his face in the hay. “I need it, please use me…” Einar could barely think as Thorfinn lifted his ass in position to be mounted, and Einar felt mesmerized by that wet pink hole. Einar pressed a thumb in gently, watching as Thorfinn reacted with an arch and gasp as it slipped deep inside his ass. Einar rubbed him there, finally spreading him with one hand, guiding his girthy cock against that hole.

Thorfinn hissed as Einar made his descent into that tight warmth, burying his head into the hay beneath him as he grasped Thorfinn’s hips, a hand pressing into the small of his back to hold him still. Einar took his time to get Thorfinn open, wet and loose as he slowly broke the shorter male in until he was to the brim. It felt so good, Einar thought, his eyes rolling into the back of his head as he felt Thorfinn’s ass clench around him, further trapping him inside.

Einar’s hips moved, the slow heavy slap of his balls meeting ass permeating the air as he fucked Thorfinn deep and hard. The blond whimpered as Einar pounded him without reprieve, the heat of his walls sending him to heights he’d never felt.

Just then Einar felt Thorfinn’s hands on his own to guide to his neck, and for a moment he was unsure of what it was Thorfinn wanted him to do.

“To cum…” He gasped as Einar began to squeeze his neck testily, his cock already impossibly hard at the act. He was already balls-deep in the man, finding the act both twisted and erotic. There was no telling what twisted little things Thorfinn enjoyed during sex, but for now Einar was more than happy to indulge his little masochist.

With every press into his jugular, he could feel Thorfinn’s hot walls tighten around his cock, Thorfinn’s own cock slick wet with precum as it dribbled down his thighs.

“I’m so close,” Einar said roughly as Thorfinn beat him to the punch, seizing up beneath the older man without warning. Einar could feel the spasms overwhelm his cock mid-thrust, burying as deep as he could with what few hard thrusts he could manage before emptying his balls into Thorfinn before collapsing on top of him.

“Fuck! That was…” Einar gasped, burying his face into Thorfinn’s messy hair.

“Yeah…” Thorfinn muffled from the hay bed beneath Einar, unable to move.

Einar slipped out of Thorfinn with a pop, admiring his messy handiwork with a grin before slapping Thorfinn’s ass and toppling next to him. There had been a first for many things, but Einar was sure he would never tire of this, if Thorfinn wanted it as well.

They had lost something valuable today in the wheat fields, but Einar felt he had gained something far more valuable with Thorfinn by his side. He always could count on Thorfinn to help him clear his head and stay focused. With Thorfinn snuggling into his side, Einar wrapped his arm around his shoulders, staring up at the ceiling. They could always start anew and rebuild what they lost if they had each other.