Official Site Launch

New Direction I’m taking a different direction and just working from the ground up to have a place to house all my work. I’m just a little too tired from dealing with platforms that take money from me and my clients. Lately, platform fees have been eating into my funds, so I’m just cutting everything off that isn’t working for me and starting fresh. I hope people can support my efforts by visiting this site and purchasing from me directly....

October 30, 2023 · Mewniverse
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Gettting the hang of posting

If you’re reading this, the blog is live. I’ve created this blog entirely from Hugo and the power of Node.js! Welcome to my blog. I will be using this blog like a database for work I post rather it being lost to platforms over time (which has happened). I will be opening a shop soon that will have my work available to the public. Stay tuned! Things To Expect In the coming months, I’ll have both an official physical copy of Magnum Opus as well as a PDF downloadable version of the book in-shop....

October 20, 2023 · Mewniverse
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Second Post!

Slowly Migrating! I am still migrating a lot of files back and forth from the old version of DT and I am hoping to get it all situated soon. I practically learned a new computer language within a week’s time, and I’m still figuring this syntax out, but MAN I am LOVING it! I am debating using DISQUS still, or using a stand-alone comments section, but I’m a lazy motherfucker. I did the hard work of setting this site up, I think I’ll just keep Disqus....

October 18, 2023 · Mewniverse
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First post!

Welcome to my 18+ blog site! A giant reminder that NO minors under any circumstance are allowed anywhere on this site. I’m not your parent, and anti-social behavior can be left at the door. Thank you! 💓 To my freaks of nature, welcome! My website is back better than ever with the help of Hugo Syntax. I won’t get into it too deeply, but I had to get away from bloated site platforms like Wordpress....

October 17, 2023 · Mewniverse